Clean water is essential for all of us. Over two billion people will drink unsafe water today; and as a result, a million will become ill. Thousands will die. The harsh reality is that most of those deaths will be children. The need for safe water is found in many ways. One of the most common is bottling clean water, and getting it to the people who live in areas where it is just not available. Today in a remote area outside of Nairobi, Kenya, known as the Joska Valley, there are high school aged students working in an after-school work program bottling clean water that comes from a 1000 foot deep well in the area. This water is filtered and bottled under the Hope Springs label, governed by the approval of the Kenyan Bureau of Standards, assuring safe and clean water to many schools and communities we serve. It also provides and a future hope to these bright young students working in the bottling plant.


Students enrolled in the Missions of Hope School are given this unique opportunity to be employed in this voluntary after school work program, paying them a fair wage under Kenyan labor laws. This three hour per day work program helps develop skills and a work ethic for these young students that have come from the slum communities of Mathare Valley. Best of all, it allows them to begin saving for college in a unique saving program providing them funds to attend college and/or trade school once they graduate.

How you can partner… Presently we are in need of equipment upgrades in filtration, bottle labeling, expiration dating, water storage, and transport for the water produced. With receiving Government approval (KEBS), to sell the water on the retail market, we are working with different establishments and organizations… markets, hotels, restaurants, safari camps, and NGO’s in hopes they will carry the Hope Springs label. An added feature provided by Hope Springs is the ability to customize the water label to promote and cater to the vendor. This too is requiring some equipment up-grades in computer, software, and printing.