Solar Power. Others Now has partnered with Tijuana Christian Mission to help establish a 110-volt power supply to the children’s home in Rosarito, Mexico, where 75 at risk children and the staff that care for them live. This children’s home of two dormitories, a multi-purpose room, and staff housing is supplied by a series of 230 watt panels powering 80 batteries that supply a continuous 2500 watts to the center. This is the first solar power project like this for Others Now; and with this success, we intend to help establish independent power supplies for the many projects we work with around the world who have no access to municipal power.


Solar Lighting. The gift of Solar light…. it’s more than just light.

For over one-and-a-half billion people on the planet, the convenience of flipping a switch to turn on the lights so you can make your way through the darkness is not possible. For those who have no access to electricity, light will come from a candle or fuel lantern. Millions just a have small fire as their only light source… fires burning in the corner of their shanty home giving them light during the night. These fires alone have caused severe burns and home fires that have destroyed many properties and caused respiratory issues for the families living in them, let alone the constant need of gathering wood.

Those of us at Others Now have been working in the Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya, and in what is known as one of the largest slums in the world; estimates suggest over a million people are living in shanty homes made of tin and wood. Others Now, with our partners on the ground in Kenya, is bringing in the innovation of small portable solar lights to these communities. These small and relatively inexpensive lights are the answer to the need of moving away from using fire to light these homes at night, to clean safe, and renewable energy found in solar.

Others Now supporters, have made these lights available to hundreds in the valley, with many more to receive these lights in this next coming year. We are hoping to introduce these solar lights in some of the communities of Mexico, Haiti, and Thailand as well that presently have no electric power.

Another unique feature of these innovative solar lights is the ability to charge cell phones. Even those with extremely low incomes use cell phones to communicate, and this light’s battery allows the owner not only to save money by no longer having to pay for fuel or candles, but also by eliminating the need to pay to charge their phones as well.

Manufactured in Asia, these lights are imported into the country for under $20.00 USD, and are presently given to the elderly and the poorest of the poor at no cost to them. However a team of business owners are developing small franchises that will be launched, helping individuals start their own small businesses selling these lights, thus giving them a sustainable income.