Believing the best way to eradicate poverty is by being trained and employed, Others Now is in development of training for women living in the Mathare Slums of Kenya in producing custom-made denim jeans we call: Slum Jeans. The harsh reality is women are being forced into difficult and compromising life styles all over the world due to unemployment, especially in slums, where most of the world’s poor live. For many, a livable wage from one source of employment is just not possible. So many women are forced to work multiple jobs if they can be found, thus neglecting at times the needs of their own families. And due to that fact that jobs are so scarce, many are forced into illegal and life threating practices to survive.

Others Now is presently consulting with jean designers and pattern makers to produce prototypes, and women are being identified and trained in the multi-phased skill of making denim jeans. In America alone, the average person has 5 pair of jeans, and will slip on a pair more than 4 times a week. The creative idea behind all of this is to develop an online approach to ordering these customized jeans and choosing the tailor/maker from a list of women trained to do so.

The Slum Jeans a customer orders will become much more than just a pair of jeans. The jeans will come with a biography of the woman who made the jeans and her family, thus making the jeans a personal connection to the maker. Specific tailoring adjustments can be requested, and the knowledge that with one order of Slum Jeans, someone whose average income is 89 cents a day will be lifted out of extreme poverty. In fulfilling only one order of Slum Jeans, she would have received more earnings than she would have if she worked for an entire month (30 days) in slums doing laundry, cleaning, or food preparation.

Each pair will have a signature piece that will make the jeans unique from all others in the world. When the jeans are shipped, they will come with a letter and photo from the person who made them, thanking the new owner for the opportunity to work, take care of her family, and have a higher quality of life. The team behind Slum Jeans is projecting to have the first orders filled and delivered by the summer of 2014, with expansion throughout other slums in the Nairobi area and beyond in the not too distant future. The harsh reality is the majority of the poor live in slums today. Others Now and the teams of designers and business professionals hope to take this model to other slums all over the world in the future… so the conversation when you see someone else wearing a pair will be…


“So where did your Slums come from?”

How can you partner… Others Now is heavily in the development stages of the Slum Jeans concept. Working with a prominent Business University here in Southern California; fashion and design consultants, and equipment brokers form the garment manufacturing industry. At this stage, virtually all forms of support, unless from the garment industry, would be in the form of philanthropic capital funding. Believing again that the best way to lift someone out of poverty is through employment.

Slum Jeans is federally registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office in Washington DC.