The children we work with in Africa have great hope for their future due to the care and education they receive from the NGO, Missions of Hope International. Children that once only believed if they were ever employed, they would be a laborer or domestic servant, are now looking to the future dreaming of becoming doctors, schoolteachers, political leaders and yes, even pilots. Others Now is developing courses within the school curriculum that will offer aeronautical science to the high school age children in the fall of 2014. These courses will let these bright young students understand the theory of flight, and expose them to occupations that support the aircraft industry. Piloting, Air Traffic Control, Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) Ground support, Flight Attendant, and more.Part of this process will be to enlist the help of pilots and professionals in the aircraft industry who will travel to Kenya to teach classes and lead workshops that support the course curriculum.


Others Now is also partnering with different flight schools in Kenya to work with these students, giving them the first hand experience of actual flight. The reality is that most of these children have had little opportunity to be exposed to the industry. Presently Others Now is acquiring the needed supplies to develop working labs for this project. Our hope is to have in place by the fall of 2014 a “Hangar” built that will be the educational and working lab for these students. Our goal is to have an actual aircraft (non flying) that will be a learning platform for these students to see and learn from. This would allow them to literally sit in cockpit, and experience an actual plane. We also hope to supply the Hangar with flight simulators, an A&P mechanic shop, and classroom to better immerse the students in understanding all there is to the industry.


How you can partner… This is a ground up project, needing to acquire virtually everything listed in this explanation. Our team on the ground in Kenya is persuing acquiring salvaged aircraft, (for purchase and or donation) parts, and visuals that would be used for the learning lab; we are also looking into the same here in the states, and considering shipping. Estimated capital for the project is $30,000 USD, for the initial start up phase.


Flight instruction scholarship is a goal for those that complete both the course curriculum and private pilot ground school. We are establishing a scholarship fund to assist in the first level of flight instruction with 99’s Flight School located in Wilson Field, Nairobi, Kenya. The average cost for an a Private Pilots Certificate/License in Kenya is $8500.00 USD.


We are also looking into the possibility of actual flying aircraft being donated or purchased by Others Now, and being dismantled and shipped to Kenya. There they would be put into service under Kenyan flight regulations, and leased back to the flight schools we are in partnership with for actual flight instruction. We are presently looking for Cessna aircraft in the class of 150, 172, and 182, for future instruction in both flight and A&P maintenance. Aircraft that are out of Annual, needing overhaul/ repair would be most considered, as we have interested partners here in the states that would make them airworthy.