Others Now is founded on the principle that the most effective way to reduce poverty is through education and employment. Believing this, we help create learning opportunities and employment for the marginalized in the areas we serve. Employment defines and develops us an individual, allowing us the ability to care for others and ourselves; instilling in us the virtues of dignity and hope as it creates pathways for opportunity.

Considering the increasing number of marginalized communities in the world today, our platform is that we partner with others to create opportunities to help others now.


In this last year of 2014, Others Now has made great strides in helping the poor in sustainable ways. Because of your financial support coupled with our committed partnerships on the ground in Africa, Mexico, Haiti, and Thailand, the quality of life is better for many of the marginalized we work with.

Because of our unique structure, only 8% of collected funds are dedicated to corporate expenses. That leaves 92% of funds available for the projects we partner with on the field. Others Now, with your continued support, hopes to expand its efforts to help those in need throughout the world in sustainable ventures that produce employment, bringing dignity and hope to those in need.